Cheder Day Camp


The Camp Morris Day Camp programs have grown exponentially over the years to more than eight hundred children בלי עין הרע, as more and more families wish to join its unique atmosphere. The camp consists of the Cheder boy’s division, the Rina girl’s division and the Ktantanim preschool division.

The tremendous effort invested in the learning programs and camp activities provide our children in each division with a truly memorable summer experience.

In the Cheder day camp, the morning learning schedule with the dedicated rebbaim ensures that our children continue to maintain and enhance their Torah knowledge and skills throughout their summer vacation. The exciting afternoon activities, trips and swimming lend zest and enthusiasm to the day, and ensure that the children return to Yeshiva at the end of summer refreshed and invigorated.

Camp Morris Day Camp Camp Morris Day Camp

Two years ago, an innovative Mechina program was established for seventh and eighth grade boys. These bar mitzvah age boys, on the verge of entry into high school, require a program that would enhance their development as young bnei Torah and enable the smooth transition from Yeshiva Ketana to Mesivta. The Mechina program was established to fill this need. The program provides the boys with a “sleep away” camp experience within the day camp program. The mornings begin with a hashkama seder, davening and shiurim in the newly built Mechina Beis Medrash. The afternoons are filled with exciting activities followed by supper and a night activity or night seder which give the boys the intensive “sleep away camp” experience at an affordable price. In consultation with the Rosh Hayeshiva shilta, extremely qualified and talented rabbeim were selected to develop an intensive and serious learning program geared to the needs of bachurim preparing for Mesivta. The Hanhala invests much effort into each bachur, and personally oversees the growth and progress of each boy.

Camp Morris Day Camp Camp Morris Day Camp

Similarly, in the Rina girls division, as in the K’tantanim pre school division, under the supervision of our talented and dedicated staff, appropriate activities are scheduled for each group, in addition to Tefillos and Shiurim.

The Camp Morris Day Camp provides hundreds of children with the experience of a lifetime in both רוחניות and גשמיות.

Camp Morris Day Camp