Nestled in the Catskill Mountains is a place where

Talmidim spend the summer in a Torah environment

Camp Morris offers bochorim the opportunity to not only reinforce their accomplishments, but to also
re-energize and invigorate themselves both B’ruchniyus and B’Gashmiyus.

No Bochur has ever been turned away from Camp Morris due to financial considerations. Rather, all are encouraged to participate with parents only contributing when they can.


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Cheder Day Camp

The Camp Morris Day Camp programs have grown exponentially over the years to more than eight hundred children בלי עין הרע, as more and more families wish to ...

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Mesivta & Bais Medrash

Over the Years, Camp Morris has grown from a small nucleus of bachurim to a veritable עיר התורה in the mountains. Camp Morris is home to over four hundred ...

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Camp Morris

East Pond Road

Woodridge, NY 12789


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